my makeup vanity | DIY.





Hello again, world! My gosh, it has been so long since I was last able to post something up! Ever since the end of September, I have been in the long process of moving into the new house and let me tell you… it is not easy when you’re working a full time job that requires you to be there 24/7! Luckily though, I’m mostly settled into the new house and my room is slowly coming together! First thing I was so excited to build was my makeup vanity! It was a mission to put this space of mine together, but I could not be happier and in love with how it turned out!

I also got a little creative and decorated my makeup brush jar holders! They looked so plain before, so I thought why not add a little glam to have it stand out. Listed below I’ll have all the stores I shopped at to build my vanity, as well as where I got the materials I used for my makeup brush jars!

I’ll do my best to keep the posts going and I’ll try not to go MIA for too, too long! Merry Christmas and Happy holidays to everyone! xx.


  • Makeup vanity table – IKEA (“Malm”)
  • Mirror and Vanity Lights – IKEA (Mirror – “Kolja” | Lights – “Musik”)
  • Mirror Stand – Target
  • Makeup Organizers (On the table) – Winners
  • Makeup Organizer (In vanity table drawer) – Homesense
  • Fur Rug – Homesense
  • Vanity Chair – Homesense


  • Glass Jars – Walmart (you can find these almost anywhere, or use whichever ones you prefer!)
  • White clear beads – Michaels Arts & Crafts
  • Rose Gold Pearl and Beads on Jar – Michaels Arts & Crafts Store
    These strips are SO easy to use! You just peel and stick them however you’d like them to be on the jar. They come in other colors as well!