back2basics with Urban Decay’s Naked Basics Palette

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 11.32.37 PM
Whenever I’m not feelin’ a glittery and glam kind of look, my go-to makeup look is always a matte and neutral type of look. it’s subtle, but still gives off a sharp smokey-eye effect. i love achieving this look with my Urban Decay NAKED Basics Palette! This palette is perfect for anyone who is looking for shadows that are more everyday-like and that they can use daily for an effortless look. This look is also perfect for days that I don’t want to spend too much time on my makeup, as it doesn’t take me very long to create this look.

Keep reading below on how to achieve this look!

  1. With a large blending brush, apply the color, “Naked 2” on the outer crease area, and a little underneath your brow.
    *TIP: To really get a nice blended look, move the brush in a windshield-like motion, back and forth.*
  2. With a more tapered blending brush, apply the color, “Faint” into the inner crease. Try to blend this into the color you just previously applied on in order to achieve the faded out, smokey effect. (You can grab your large blending brush again to blend out afterwards)
  3. Apply the color “Walk Of Shame (WOS)” to the rest of the lid, starting from the inner corner and blending it outwards.
    *Make sure to blend it into the color of your crease to achieve the faded look – you can take a small flat brush and take the color “Faint” to blend in the middle of both colors as well.*
  4. As for the highlight color, take the color “Venus” and apply lightly underneath your brow.
  5. Apply your favourite gel liner and mascara to finish off the look. (For a more simpler look, you can skip the liner, and just add mascara to this look!)

Lipstick: MAC – Velvet Teddy

& voila! 🙂