Fridates | “Put on some Red Lipstick & Live a Little”







TGIF!!! It’s been a long week and I am glad that it’s finally time to wind down a little this weekend and enjoy my free time while I still have it! 😛 For today’s look, I decided to keep it simple with some high-waisted jean shorts and a chiffon top, loosely tucked in, with a small purse to have on me… but it’s Friday! I definitely wanted my outfit to pop a little more than just that… so why not add some peep-toe booties, a dressy purse and some red lipstick to glam up the look a little? 😉

My boyfriend and I decided we wanted to try having date night’s dinner somewhere new for a change, since we usually like sticking to our favourite places to dine at. While I was getting dressed, I thought, why not also try something new from the usual neutral makeup I’m used to? Now, for all the people who know me inside and out, they know that I absolutely love my neutral lip colors and I barely (more like never) ever do anything different other than that. Every lipstick I own is simply a different shade of nudes and neutral pinks… literally. But I thought, why not buy something I don’t have in my collection of lipsticks! So I went out and picked myself up a red lipstick and I must admit… I love how bold this red lipstick stands out and I feel like it really added the final pop to my outfit that I was looking for.

Outfit Details:

  • Chiffon Top: Forever 21 – In Store; other colors –HERE
  • High-Waisted Festival Shorts: American Eagle – HERE
  • Peep-Toe Booties: Steve Madden, “Nonstp” – HERE (P.s.: These are super comfy!!!)
  • Watch: Marc Jacobs
  • Purse: Chanel | Alternative from Forever 21 – HERE
  • Sunglasses: ALDO

For my makeup, I stuck with the neutral browns, but decided to go a little darker on the colors and a little heavier with my eyeliner, to really contrast the red lipstick I had on. How I achieved this look, step by step, is listed below! 🙂

Makeup Details:

For my eyes, I used my Motives Cosmetics Pro Color Palette and the Motives Cosmetics Mavens Palette.

Motives Mavens PaletteHERE

  1. Base/Lid Color: Motives Mavens Palette – “Serene” (Apply all over lid)
  2. Outer Crease Color: Motives Pro Palette – “Cinnamon Spice”
  3. Inner Crease Color: Motives Pro Palette – “Hazelnut” (Really blend this out afterwards into the outer crease color)
  4. Highlight Color: Motives Mavens Palette – “Birch”
  5. Gel Eyeliner: Motives Cosmetics – “Little Black Dress”
  6. Lips: Lipliner – MAC Cosmetics in “Cherry” | Lipstick: MAC Cosmetics in “Ruby Woo”





For today’s look, I thought why not bring out the inner tomboy in me with my new Nike sneaker wedges? Not only do they add a kick to your outfit, but they allow your feet to feel comfortable and still look good. Some of the other few pairs of sneaker wedges that I have are a little higher in height when it comes to the wedge, but the height on these bad boys are perfect for a more everyday grab whenever you’re feelin’ like bustin’ out a little old school style. The outfit I matched it with was simple and casual – short shorts and a black fitted off the shoulder top. To add a little something that stood out from the black and whites, I threw on a my favourite denim vest to finish off the look. Simple outfits like these are great for days when you just want to feel comfortable in what you’re wearing to go run errands or go hang out with some buddies. You can pair any kind of shoes with this outfit really, but if you want to add a bit more of a fun and trendier look to your outfit, grab your favourite pair of sneaker wedges and then you’re good to go! 🙂 Listed below are outfit details!

  • Denim Vest: Jean Machine (Silver Jeans Co.) – HERE
  • Black Off Shoulder Tee: Garage – HERE
  • White Shorts: Sirens (In Store) – SIMILAR
  • Nike Dunk Sky High Sneaker Wedges: Aritzia – HERE

As for my makeup, I stuck to my Motive’s Cosmetics Pro Palette and went for a more heavier smokey eye look with darker browns and neutrals than I usually do. I tend to do this whenever I want more of a pop to my overall look whenever I put together a more simpler outfit. Listed below are the colors I used to achieve this look!

Motives Pro Colour Eye Shadow Palette – HERE

  1. Apply on lid: “Cinnamon Spice”
  2. Outer Crease: “Hazelnut”
  3. Inner Crease: “Hot Chocolate”
    TIP: Only pick up a little bit of shadow when working with dark colors, as blending it will really do all the work to bring out the true shade of each dark shadow color!
  4. Highlight: “Antique Pink”
  5. Lipstick: MAC Cosmetics in “Half n’ Half” with MAC Cosmetics Lip Liner in “Subculture”

new favs, & new essentials.



One thing I have been needing for my brushes for forever now is a good and effective tool to clean them!! Luckily, after looking at many, I no longer need to look further – Sigma’s new Spa Brush Cleaning Glove is exactly what I’ve been looking for! With it’s universal flip option, you don’t have to change hands when cleaning certain brushes. One side is for face brushes and the other is for brushes specifically used for the eyes. I’ve heard so many good things about it and can’t wait to try it out for myself. It comes in 3 other colors as well, so you definitely have some options. Hopefully I can get a video up soon on my first time using it, for you all to see how it works!

Included in my order from Sigma, I decided to order their best selling F80 – Flat Kabuki Foundation Brush… & let me say… wow, what a difference!! With this brush, you can really feel your foundation set into your skin so smoothly, that it barely feels like you’re wearing anything! The bristles of this brush are incredibly soft and feel so nice on your skin when applying your foundation. To me, it definitely was worth the price to add to my collection of brushes!

Lastly, I also ordered one of their eye base primers, as I have also heard good things about it. I haven’t tried too many different eye primers but out of the two I currently use, I have to say, I love how this applies onto your eyes. I can really tell a difference in the pigmentation of my eye shadow colors after applying this beforehand. The color I bought this in is “Persuade”, which is a nice nude-like color. I recommend this if anyone is on the look out for the good eye base primer, as it comes in many other colors as well to suit your skin tone.

  • Sigma Beauty: 2X Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Glove – HERE
  • Sigma Beauty: F80-Flat Kabuki Brush – HERE
  • Sigma Beauty: Eye Base Primer in “Persuade” – HERE

summertime glows.


With the temperatures on the rise this summer, I tend to like a summertime glow kind of look. For today’s look, I stuck with the dark browns for my smokey-eye effect and  very soft peachy-pink as the base. With these colors contrasting together, I think this is a great look that’ll stand out and still give a nice pop to your eyes without looking too heavy and intense. For this summer, a glowy, natural look with neutral colors is definitely my go-to makeup look.

Listed below are all the products I used to achieve this look:

  1. Motvives Cosmetics Face Primer (Definitely recommend using a face primer on a hot & humid day, to prevent your makeup from feeling like it’s melting off!)
  2. Urban Decay’s “Naked Skin” Foundation (In Shade 4.0)
  3. Motives Cosmetics Eye Base Primer
  4. For the base color of my lid, I mixed together two colors – one matte and one shimmery – to create a neutral color that still had some pop to it.
    MIXED – Smashbox Full Exposure Palette: Color “MATTE M3” & Motives Cosmetics Pro Palette: Color “Pink Diamond” ; Apply this all over lid
  5. Outer crease – Smashbox Full Exposure Palette: Color “MATTE M2”
  6. Inner crease – Motives Cosmetics Pro Palette: Color “Vino” (use small tapered blending brush and apply in a sideways V motion, blending outwards to create the smokey-eye effect)
  7. Highlight Color under brow – Smashbox Full Exposure Palette: Color “MATTE M4”
  8. Eyeliner – Laura Mercier’s Crème Gel Eyeliner in color “Noir”
  9. Mascara – L’Oreal  Voluminous Butterfly Mascara
  10. Bronzer – MAC Extra Dimension Bronzer in “Aphrodite’s Shell” from Alluring Aquatic Collection
  11. Blush – MAC Extra Dimension Blush in “Seduced At Sea” from Alluring Aquatic Collection
  12. Lips – Lipliner: MAC in “Subculture” Lipstick: “MAC” in Half n’ Half