ready, set, work.





Ever in a hurry to go to work, but you’re stuck on deciding what to wear for the day? Trust me – I’m sure all us girls have been there (& are still there every day!). Now that I’m working my new job that requires some shifts to start right at 8 in the morning, I find myself rushing to pick an outfit that still looks dressy yet effortless and especially comfy, since I’m either at my desk or out helping customers.

I kept this outfit simple so that just about anyone can pull off this look. Chiffon blouses and leather tights are basically my go-to’s during the fall. It’s comfy yet still versatile when it comes to mixing and matching. I paired this loose tie-up chiffon blouse with my leather tights that have gold zippers at the bottom on each side. As for shoes… well, you can never go wrong with a pair of pointed toe heels. 😛 To add a small kick to the outfit, I left the zippers unzipped and decided to wear a pair of heels with an ankle strap that featured the gold buckles to really give off an edgier touch. Since this outfit is mainly black and white, I matched it with my oversized pinky-nude purse to add a little pop of color to finish off the look.


  • Chiffon Blouse: Forever 21 (In Store – Sold Out Online)
  • Leather Tights: Forever 21 (In Store – Sold Out Online)
  • Heels: ALDO
  • Purse: ALDO (On Sale & Nude Color Sold Out Online) – Other Colors HERE
  • Sunglasses & Earrings: ALDO (In Store)
  • Watch: Marc Jacobs

one outfit | two ways to style.










With the summer heat being practically non-existent this year and it being colder than usual, I had no choice but to turn to turn to a pair a jeans and a long sleeve shirt to get me through the day.But, no biggie… I actually ended up really liking the outfit I put together for a long day of errands. These jeans are definitely an all time favourite from my wardrobe! Not only are they super comfy and hug on nicely, but I am a sucker for ripped jeans and I also love how there are patches of darker denim underneath the rips. I feel like the details of these jeans really sets it apart from any other ordinary pair of ripped jeans out there. Normally, I’d wear either a black top with these jeans, or a plain white tee with it… but I thought, why not wear both black and white? Hence, pairing it with this black and white gingham top is what really pulled the outfit all together for me.

The last part of that I always struggle with is trying to decide on what shoes to wear that go best with my outfit. With this specific outfit, I really liked how I was able to dress it down with my converses or chic it up with a pair of classic pointed toe heels. I ended up wearing my converses for the day, since I only had errands to do for the day, but if I were going out somewhere that was semi-casual, I’d definitely rock the pointed toe heels for the day.


  • Top: ZARA
  • Jeans: American Eagle (On Sale – Sold out online)
  • Shoes: Converse | Aldo (Old – Similar)
  • Sunglasses: Aldo
  • Anklet: Aldo
  • Watch: Marc Jacobs
  • Purse: LV


EYES: Urban Decay “NAKED3” Palette

  • Outer Crease: “Limit”, blend with “Nooner”
  • Inner Crease: “Nooner”, blend with “Blackheart”
  • Lid: “Trick”
  • Highlight Color: “Strange”
  • Gel Eyeliner: Sigma Beauty, in “Wicked”
  • Mascara: Maybelline Volum’ Express The Falsies in “Blackest Black”


  • Lipliner: MAC Cosmetics in “Subculutre”
  • Lipstick: Motives Cosmetics in “Nude” (This is normally more glossy on, but I dabbed a bit of the “Strange” eyeshadow color onto lips to add a more matte effect)


  • Urban Decay NAKED Skin Foundation
  • Motives Cosmetics Bronzer in “Miami Glow”
  • Motives Cosmetics Blush in “Lust”
  • Motives Cosmetics Luminous Finished Pressed Powder
  • Motives Cosmetics 10 Years Younger Setting Spray

ALL Motives Cosmetics Products can be found HERE! 🙂


quick ootn.

Helloooo everyone! The last week and a bit has been quite a hectic week, that I had no time whatsoever to spend on blog posts! 🙁 For the past 5 days, I was in Greensboro, North Carolina for the Market America International Convention of 2014. It was such an amazing and life changing experience! I learned so much, met so many new people and created new friendships on the way. On our last night there, we had an after party for everyone who attended the convention and I thought I’d take a few quick selfies of my makeup and my outfit for the night.

We were pretty strapped for time, so I had to really do my makeup and hair so quick to make sure I’d make it on time to the party! I wasn’t able to bring my DSLR on my trip, so my iPhone was all I had at the time. Apologies in advance for the bad quality of the pictures!

Everything I used for this look is used below!!





  • Top & Skirt: Forever 21 – In Store (Black Skirt Sold out online) Other Colors HERE & Similar Top HERE
  • Shoes: Zara (Last year’s) – Similar HERE
  • Purse: Chanel

Fridates | “Put on some Red Lipstick & Live a Little”







TGIF!!! It’s been a long week and I am glad that it’s finally time to wind down a little this weekend and enjoy my free time while I still have it! 😛 For today’s look, I decided to keep it simple with some high-waisted jean shorts and a chiffon top, loosely tucked in, with a small purse to have on me… but it’s Friday! I definitely wanted my outfit to pop a little more than just that… so why not add some peep-toe booties, a dressy purse and some red lipstick to glam up the look a little? 😉

My boyfriend and I decided we wanted to try having date night’s dinner somewhere new for a change, since we usually like sticking to our favourite places to dine at. While I was getting dressed, I thought, why not also try something new from the usual neutral makeup I’m used to? Now, for all the people who know me inside and out, they know that I absolutely love my neutral lip colors and I barely (more like never) ever do anything different other than that. Every lipstick I own is simply a different shade of nudes and neutral pinks… literally. But I thought, why not buy something I don’t have in my collection of lipsticks! So I went out and picked myself up a red lipstick and I must admit… I love how bold this red lipstick stands out and I feel like it really added the final pop to my outfit that I was looking for.

Outfit Details:

  • Chiffon Top: Forever 21 – In Store; other colors –HERE
  • High-Waisted Festival Shorts: American Eagle – HERE
  • Peep-Toe Booties: Steve Madden, “Nonstp” – HERE (P.s.: These are super comfy!!!)
  • Watch: Marc Jacobs
  • Purse: Chanel | Alternative from Forever 21 – HERE
  • Sunglasses: ALDO

For my makeup, I stuck with the neutral browns, but decided to go a little darker on the colors and a little heavier with my eyeliner, to really contrast the red lipstick I had on. How I achieved this look, step by step, is listed below! 🙂

Makeup Details:

For my eyes, I used my Motives Cosmetics Pro Color Palette and the Motives Cosmetics Mavens Palette.

Motives Mavens PaletteHERE

  1. Base/Lid Color: Motives Mavens Palette – “Serene” (Apply all over lid)
  2. Outer Crease Color: Motives Pro Palette – “Cinnamon Spice”
  3. Inner Crease Color: Motives Pro Palette – “Hazelnut” (Really blend this out afterwards into the outer crease color)
  4. Highlight Color: Motives Mavens Palette – “Birch”
  5. Gel Eyeliner: Motives Cosmetics – “Little Black Dress”
  6. Lips: Lipliner – MAC Cosmetics in “Cherry” | Lipstick: MAC Cosmetics in “Ruby Woo”